haters-gonna-hate-gays asked:
The video is called chrissy's lesbian twin. ( form bria and chrissy's 2nd channel)

I got it but thank you still

nightingaleshorror replied to your post “which video is this from? /post/74636047407”

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yb1LzmWqU7g About halfway through

for the anon wanting the source of the gif. thank this lovely person 

Anonymous asked:
is Stevie bi or completely lesbian?

completely lesbian 

Anonymous asked:
which video is this from? /post/74636047407

I’m gonna be honest with you, I have no fucking idea.. its not my gif. I checked the videos from january and nothing so anyone else know where this gif is from?

Anonymous asked:
Are Stevie an Sarah still together? Heard they broke up!

Unless it was after she posted that picture of them kissing, I don’t think so


You know you live in southern California when this happens about once a month

On behalf of this mornings earthquake

Anonymous asked:
Are you and sarah are still together?

this is a fan page and yes they are 



"bisexual women are not more accepted than gay men and lesbians, they’re more sexualized. and that is a huge difference.”

~Stevie Boebi (aka SassiBoB) from the YouTube video Bisexuals are GREEDY WHORES: Lesbians hate on and discriminate against Bisexual Women. Cut it out.

And they are discriminated against not only by heteros but also gays and lesbians, which makes zero sense to me


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